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Canada has become the most popular education destination for students aspiring to get world class education. Canadian education is recognised and renowned internationally. In addition, the tuition fees in Canada’s University and Colleges are among the lowest in the English speaking countries. There are many advantages of studying in Canada.

Basic requirement and advantages:

  • IELTS requirement (6.0 to 6.5 Bands in Academic)
  • Personal Interview is required sometimes
  • GIC Bond of $10200 CAD
  • Tuition Fees for college range from $14000-16000 CAD approximately
  • Tuition Fees for Universities range from $24000-26000 CAD approximately
  • Part-time jobs available
  • 20 hours off-campus job is allowed
  • Every months a part GIC Bond will deposited to your account
  • With one year of student visa one year work permit
  • With two year of student visa three years work permit
  • Option to get Canadian Permanent Residency