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In New Zealand student gets the opportunity to excel in any area of education. It enhances the student’s standard of living, way of working and helps them to settle themselves in any situation. However, it also offers more comfortable and convincing methodology of education, standard of living, work and settlement. All that is needed to build an empowering and sound career, you will in New Zealand.

Level of education:

  • Certificate levels are 1 to 4
  • Diploma levels are 5 and 6
  • Bachelor’s Degree and graduate diploma level is 7
  • Bachelor’s Degree with honours and post graduate certificate and diploma level is 8
  • Master Degree level is 9
  • Doctoral Degree level is 10

IELTS Requirement:

  • Must have at least 6.0 bands and for some courses 5.5 bands for Diploma
  • Must have at least 6.5 bands and for some courses 6.0 bands for Post Graduate

Fund Transfer Scheme:

  • Students have to transfer their living expenses of 12 months to a bank account in New Zealand in addition to paying the tuition fees for one year. The amount that has to be transferred is equivalent to $15000. The student can withdraw $1250 monthly from the amount transferred by them to their account to meet the daily expenses for a period of 12 months.

Proof of funds:

  • The proof of funds has to be either of the parents or grandparents and must be 6 months old.

Work Permit:

  • On successful completion of your studies you are permitted to work full-time. If your location of work is outside Auckland then you get 3 years of work permit and if you desire to work in Auckland then you will get 2 years of work permit.